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    pulsating heat pipe thesis

    This thesis attempts to describe the heat transfer characteristics of closed loop pulsating heat pipes (CLPHPs).Although a plethora of designs of classical heat pipes are available, recent industry trends have frequently shown the limitations of these conventional designs.An experimental system of flat plate pulsating heat pipe was established and experimental research was carried out in this system to know the mechanism of heat transfer, start-up and operating characteristics.The minimum startup power for DI water was obtained at 50% filling ratio and for methanol at 40%. As microprocessor systems continue their ever-onward march of logarithmic package size reduction, thermal management of the waste heat is becoming increasingly problematic.The factors, such as filling rate, heating power, heating method etc, which have great influence on the thermal performance of the plate pulsating heat pipe were discussed.In this paper, we use a simplified mathematical model which can still capture most of the known physics of the two-phase heat transfer system. There is no capillary structure in the PHP, and the heat is transferred through chaotic pulsations of vapor bubbles and liquid plugs, which appear in the channels of capillary size (1-2 mm).In addition, PHPs have an advantage over copper straps and thermal conductors since they are lighter in weight, exhibit lower temperature gradients and have higher heat transfer rates.The evaporator side heat transfer coefficient for water was slightly more, while the condenser side heat transfer coefficient was appreciably more than that of methanol. (2013) Experimental Studies on Thermal Performance of a Pulsating Heat Pipe with Methanol/DI Water. The tube is filled with FC-72 with a 50% filling ratio.
    • Nov 3, 2008. Thermal Performance of Cylindrical Heat Pipe using Nanofluids. thermal performance of pulsating heat pipe, Journal of Enhanced Heat.
    • A Thesis. Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical. Power Engineering in. 1- 4 Schematic Representation of Pulsating Heat Pipe. Fig.
    • This report presents a numerical model of a pulsating heat pipe, a device employing a two. the operation of flat plate pulsating heat pipes e.g. dynamic bubble.
    • Thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for. of Pulsating Heat Pipes PHPs for the purpose of the thermal management and control of.

    pulsating heat pipe thesis

    The results demonstrate the effect of heat input and volumetric filling ratio of the working fluid on the thermal performance of the device.The increasing surface tension at a higher temperature can cause the liquid to be drawn toward a heated surface if a dry spot appears and thus to improve boiling heat transfer.Clearly that is NOT like what happens on the earth. Since the PHP is a sealed system, pressure changes in one place influence the rest of the system, as does mass flow. Similarly, because of those teleconnections, the dynamics are prone to oscillations and instabilities along with very complex behaviours.There is a drive for miniaturization with micro electro-mechanical systems which creates an environment demanding an enabling thermal control solution.These conditions were achieved by means of parabolic flights organized by ESA on board a special aircraft.Author: Zhang Li Rong Tutor: Jie Guo Zhen School: Beijing Construction Engineering College Course: Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Keywords: Pulsating heat pipe energy recovery air-conditioning system the remainingenergy use mixed refrigerant energy recovery efficiency CLC: TK124 Type: Master's thesis Year: 2012 Downloads: 35 Quote: 0 Read: Download Dissertation Pulsating heat pipe is associated with microelectronics technology and developed newand efficient heat transfer original,it has a simple structure, low cost, and good heat transferperformance.Non-South Dakota State University users: Please talk to your librarian about requesting this thesis through interlibrary loan.Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, Power is a great resource.That is, nobody really knows what happens, but a lot of evaporation, condensation, liquid mass transfer and rapid heat transfer all goes on in very complex ways.The experimental setup allows for temperature, pressure, acceleration and power supply readings and recording, as well as high-speed video capture on ground and in parabolic flight.

    pulsating heat pipe thesis

    Flow visualization was attained via the transparent front side of the test section which provided full optical access to the flow inside of the CLPHP channels.Moreover, the net forces acting on the system could be identified through the novel time-strip technique, revealing new details on the mechanisms producing self-sustained two-phase flow oscillation and circulation, and the two-phase flow pattern transition. Pulsating heat pipes (PHPs) are passive two-phase heat transfer systems which have shown the potential to meet and exceed this requirement.Seems like about the 1990’s, a new kind of heat pipe was invented. It is generally made of small diameter tubing such that there is not much room for a wick, but the liquid will form capillary ‘plugs’ of liquid mixed with vapor ‘slugs’ in between. Groll, “Understanding Operational Regimes of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipes: An Experimental Study,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. The heating section is used to create, within the heat pipe, build up of vapor pressure which causes the heat carrying fluid to move which then allows for dissipations of the heat into the...Approach theoretical and experimental Deliverable OHP design guidelines and a physics-based, but semi-empirical, model suitable for design Power is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website.

    pulsating heat pipe thesis pulsating heat pipe thesis

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