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  • Indian national integration in kannada

    indian national integration in kannada

    Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu. The languages of India belong to several language families.The Congress government in Karnataka has set up a panel to design a legally acceptable flag for the state.During their early years in India the Missionaries learnt from experience that it was impossible to establish the superiority of the Christian faith by engaging in a spiritual debate with the Hindu Pundits.This kind of integration is very important in the building of a strong and prosperous nation.This unintended and unqualified stardom apart, listening to several of them later that evening over an informal gathering was rather educative.India’s political unity is an offshoot of the religious and cultural unity.Talakadu Srinivasaiah Nagabharana was born in 1953.India is a vast country with a number of differences in food, clothing, languages, even in her different New Years in different communities.He has not written a treatise on this issue, but his views regarding human values and the inherent unity of all human species sprinkled throughout his various lectures, discussions and writings.Forcing the Greeks out of India was a matter of the highest priority, but Chanakya did not allow his student and young master, Chandra Gupt, to act impulsively in the matter.It is a positive aspect to reduce the differences of socio-cultural and economic as well as inequalities among people of the country.
    • Talakadu Srinivasaiah Nagabharana born 1953 is an Indian film director in the Kannada film. Awards National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada. T. S. Nagabharana occupies the crown of hat trick of national integration award.
    • Aug 18, 2009. Why are we Indians a fun-loving people, as shown by our festivals and a folklore. force than a hundred pious homilies on national integration.
    • Dec 26, 2016. Literature plays vital role in national integration, communal harmony. Kannada and Bengali literature have history of long connection and.
    • May 3, 2016. 1. Sources · 2. Geographical Features And Pre-Historic India · 3. Europe In The Middle Ages · National Integration · Industries Of Karnataka · India From. To India · 2. Kannada Speaking Regions During Colonial Rule · 3.

    indian national integration in kannada

    An important historical event in which this unity was displayed was the freedom movement when all the Indians united against the British rule. We have the second largest population in the world and our land area is about the same size as Europe minus the former Soviet Union.When in college he directed the plays Evam Indrajit and Shoka Chakra.It is better to teach your children Hindu values, and if this has to take the form of a language, let it be Sanskrit, the key to the main Hindu scriptures.All these attempts to bring Hindi to the table, by sleight or overt means, would naturally be received with violent reactions and backlashes and that is the last thing we would want at this point in time to weaken the nation’s unity. A couple of years ago, at a major literature festival held at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, I was placed on a curiously titled panel “Keeping our Languages Alive: Rewards and Challenges,” sharing the stage with two very eminent Hindi language authors/poets.This is a political choice: either Panjabis and Malayalis will speak English with each other, like Danes with Koreans or Congolese with Pakistanis; or they will speak an Indian language.Kashmiri and other languages, which form part of the Indo-Iranian, and arguably Indo-Aryan family, have some 4.6 million speakers in India. How has it come to pass that the two Non-Indic origin Religious Minorities have not only refused to subordinate their sectarian identities to the national identity but are well on the way of becoming threats to the Integrity of India? Apart from the pull that the place of origin of these two religions exercises on the followers the most obvious reasons are; (1) the attitude adopted by the leaders of the two communities (2) the fact of belonging to a brotherhood spanning large parts of the globe and (3) support from the media and the government.To create a series or add a work to it, go to a "work" page.The hitherto confused looking lot among the audience burst into an immediate rapturous applause and by the end of the day, quite unintentionally, I had become the spokesperson for their woes and a hero of sorts, with autograph and selfie requests!For the rest, let them acquire a thorough grounding in Hindu stories and ritual, in English or whatever vernacular they take to.

    indian national integration in kannada

    Quite often, the language genie raises its head in our country leading to strong, emotive responses from different sides of this debate.In a few places, native languages are perhaps viable, like Hindi in Suriname or Tamil in Singapore.A few years ago it was the Central Government’s circular offering cash rewards to officers who operate their social networking sites in Hindi alone rather than any other Indian language that upset the applecart.Children of good homes and people from more elite families were kept away for many years because it was looked down upon as something infradig.The account of the unity of India should not be taken to mean that we have always had a smooth sailing in matters of national unity, with no incidents of caste, communal or religious riots.But in mixed families and in oceans of powerful languages like the Anglosphere, children or grandchildren are bound to take to the language of their surroundings, so it is a waste to still your guilt feelings as an immigrant by forcing your children to learn a smattering of Bengali or Kannada.It is unity in spite of great differences, in other words, unity in diversity.

    indian national integration in kannada indian national integration in kannada

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