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    human antithesis

    While this singular documentary about North Korea and the people who create it is worth cherishing for its historical significance, it is worth far more for the humanity it finds in simulacrum.This fiendish formation takes you to the very edge of the abyss, a vast black swirling nothingness as far as the eye can see. They are the masters of atmosphere, filling the room with emotion and imagination.Car oui, Void Of Silence a plus d'une corde à sa potence pour vous mettre le nez dans le caca, et ce sans passer par un éventuel échappatoire du type autosuppression post traumatique. Sa prestation ici évolue dans un registre plus clair, plus maîtrisé, mais aussi plus lointain que chez ses compères d'outre Manche.Vitaly Mansky came to Pyongyang to make a documentary about the country and its people, only to find that the government had very particular intentions for his film.Toward the dusk — первая работа группы, написанная между ноябрём 1999 и июнем 2000 задала направление всему позднейшему творчеству.This fiendish formation anguishes forth a storm of violence and anger, suffering and war.The two characters are shown as opposites in order to highlight the good qualities of one and the evil qualities of the other.Mastered and edited at Fear Studio, Ravenna, Italy.Above and within lies also a death-metal feeling around the cutting edges aside with obscure heaviness and some black-metal drops, that find their epitome in the attitude of Alan Nemtheanga, the furious Primordial frontman.Antithesis is a figure of speech which refers to the juxtaposition of opposing or contrasting ideas.The third album from the Legendary Funeral Doom band from Rome.
    • Watch the video, get the download or listen to Void of Silence – Human Antithesis for free. Human Antithesis appears on the album Human Antithesis. Discover more.
    • Realesed by Code666 Layout and Art direction by Francesco Gemelli.
    • Human Antithesis is a music studio album recording by VOID OF SILENCE Experimental/Post Metal/Progressive Rock released
    • Comes with a booklet. The spoken passage on track 6 is taken from Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal." Recording information Recorded and mixed at Sick Lab's.

    human antithesis

    L’album débute par une fantastique pièce de près de vingt minutes (les titres sont d’avantages plus longs sur ce disque), montre en main.Void of Silence’s Human Antithesis is a blistering, seething pool of hateful, yet beautiful doom.Then of course, the eye dissipates, and you are plunged back into dark oblivion.Mastered and edited at Fear Studio, Ravenna, Italy. Track 6 features lyrics straight from Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleur Du Mal".Void Of Silence, pour ceux et celles qui ne connaissent pas, est un groupe italien monté en 1999 par Riccardo Conforti (batterie, samples et clavier) et Ivan Zara (vêtements classy mais bon marché… Forts de leurs influences dark/ambient/doom/industrial et de leurs faits d'arme dans l'underground italien (Syrion, Oblivion, Mystical Realms) ils se proposent d'en rechercher la synthèse et le dépassement.Limited access was granted to Mansky on the condition that everything he filmed be subject to censor approval, and that all other footage he shot be deleted.The reason why, one expert in the film suggests, is that we aren’t shown stories of what living a life of reduced consumption would be like.Apocalyptic Doom , Negative Dark-Ambient and Industrial Noise-Drones, Featuring Alan Averill aka "Nemtheanga" from Primordial as Vocalist.It was only after twenty-four years of virtually tapping in the dark that I eventually realized the basic interconnectedness of all my research topics. My intention was to write a series of scholarly articles that would bring some order to my research glossary that was published since several years on the Internet, and that never got any attention from the public.What is evil, anyway, if not our identification with it?

    human antithesis

    A few years have passed since the monumental Human Antithesis saw the light of day...And since the Irish and the Italian got their bellies on fire, this album breathes both roughly and gently the yearnings for human touch, for heat, underneath the disappointment and back-turning on the world.The third album of the Italian Doomers starts with a sample of a narrator addressing the nation, shooting more and more names of war victims (as the cover image and the booklet implore) and this is the proper beginning of this harsh vortex.Apparvero nuovi movimenti che non si limitavano ad […]Ogni volta che mi appresto a scrivere un articolo su Mick Karn, Steve Jansen o Richard Barbieri, mi riprometto di non nominare i Japan, ma poi, alla fine, è inevitabile cadere in quella trappola. I Japan pubblicarono nel 1978 il loro primo album, “Adolescent Sex”, ed il loro ultimo nel 1981. Altro […]Di recente è uscito “Human Antithesis”, l’ultimo album dei Void of Silence.Planting seeds within the nuclear generation, planting hope where there was none. A father sees his children cry out, blind they flock, dead to the world. The mothers of all tragedy and I your brother a broken man curse the day I was born. who's hand is turned by the grinding wheels of history. Who shall stand and who shall fall, whose deeds shall become song and who's words shall become song ? Представители двух разных направлений итальянского андеграунда: Рикардо Конфорти, ударник из Обливиона и нынешний барабанщик Сириона, Дарк-Эмбиентного проекта, принёсшего ему имя, и Айван Зара из Mistical Realms.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.

    human antithesis human antithesis

    Void of Silence — Human Antithesis —

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